Coral of the Month

Find below articles from our members featuring a coral of their choice.

October: Blastopathes medusa

Author: Jeremy Horowitz Species: Blastopathes medusa Horowitz 2020 This large (> 1 m tall) and strange yet elegant and mythology-inspiring black coral is the newest addition to the Order Antipathidae. This species is described from, and dominates sandy habitats situated adjacent to patchy shallow and mesophotic coral reefs in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea. The … Continue reading October: Blastopathes medusa

September: Micromussa lordhowensis

Author: Andrew Baird Species: Micromussa lordhowensis (Veron and Pichon 1982) This a striking beautiful coral, with brightly coloured large fleshy tentacles that puff up during the day making the corallum appear plocoid, however, they retract when touched to reveal the ceroid arrangement of the corallites. This species was initially placed in the genus Acanthastrea (Veron … Continue reading September: Micromussa lordhowensis