Montipora albanesei

Author: Andrew Baird Species: Montipora albanesei sp. nov. Project Phoenix members are in the field chasing topotypes and discovering new species. Yesterday, while in the lagoon of Cocos Keeling Island, we came across fields of Montipora including at least 3 species we have never seen before. If these do turn out to be new, we plan to … Continue reading Montipora albanesei

Pavona duerdeni

Author: Tom Bridge Species: Pavona duerdeni Vaughan 1907 Pavona duerdeni is regarded as a distinctive species. The intricate thamnasteroid (or ‘star-shaped) corallites (see Rosen 1986) of this species clearly identify it as a member of the family Agariciidae, but the most distinctive feature of the species, at least as interpreted in recent decades (e.g. Veron … Continue reading Pavona duerdeni