Boninastrea boninensis, Yabe and Sugiyama 1935

Author: Andrew Baird Species: Boninastrea boninensis, Yabe and Sugiyama 1935 This almost mythical coral has only been collected twice according to Corallosphere; once at the type location in the Ogasawara Islands (also known as the Bonin Islands) and once in Indonesia. The Ministry of the Environment in Japan has formally classified it as extinct. The … Continue reading Boninastrea boninensis, Yabe and Sugiyama 1935

The peculiar case of Porites spumosa Lamarck, 1816

Author: Andrew Baird Species: Porites spumosa Lamarck, 1816 Porites spumosa was described by Lamarck in 1816. In his original description, he refers to a drawing in Knorr (1772; Plate 1A, Fig. 4; reproduced in Fig. 1c in present article). Lamarck (1816) also describes details of the specimen that are not apparent in the drawing, so it is likely … Continue reading The peculiar case of Porites spumosa Lamarck, 1816

Acropora teres

Author: Andrew Baird Species: Acropora teres (Verrill 1866) This species has confounded coral researchers for many years. The holotype (Fig. 1a) was collected from Amami-Ousima Island in the Ryukyus Archipelago in Japan in 1856 on the US Northern Pacific Exploring Expedition and described as Madrepora teres by Verrill in 1866. The distinctive features of the species are … Continue reading Acropora teres

Pavona duerdeni

Author: Tom Bridge Species: Pavona duerdeni Vaughan 1907 Pavona duerdeni is regarded as a distinctive species. The intricate thamnasteroid (or ‘star-shaped) corallites (see Rosen 1986) of this species clearly identify it as a member of the family Agariciidae, but the most distinctive feature of the species, at least as interpreted in recent decades (e.g. Veron … Continue reading Pavona duerdeni