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Heron Island Field Trip

Author: Andrew Baird Project Phoenix recently visited Heron Island Research Station in the Capricorn Bunker Group on the Great Barrier Reef in their ongoing hunt for coral topotypes and new species. At least 7 nominal species of Scleractinia have type locations in the region and we are confident we found representatives of most of these, … Continue reading Heron Island Field Trip

Myrmidon Reef

Author: Andrew Baird After a 10 hour steam on the Kalinda and a quiet night full of stars; Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and then Venus were all on display, we woke to a glass out in the lagoon on Myrmidon. We were targeting topotypes of a couple of nominal species, in particular Acropora azurea Veron & … Continue reading Myrmidon Reef

The Corals of the SS Yongala

Author: Andrew Baird The SS Yongala is a world famous dive, known especially for the extraordinary fish life it supports, including large schools of giant trevally and barracuda and a couple of monstrous Queensland groupers. The Yongala is not so well known for its scleractinian corals, being a little too deep to support the abundance … Continue reading The Corals of the SS Yongala