Paper appraisal for Gómez-Corrales and Prada (2020) on Faculty Opinions

Andrew Baird and Hugo Harrison recently published an appraisal of a great paper by Gómez-Corrales & Prada (2020) that highlights one situation where you need to get your taxonomy correct – establishing the bleaching susceptibility of coral species.

If your institution does not have access to Faculty Opinions, please contact Andrew or Hugo for a copy of the appraisal.


Baird A and Harrison H: Faculty Opinions Recommendation of [Gómez-Corrales M and Prada C, Mol Ecol 2020]. In Faculty Opinions, 05 Nov 2020.

Literature cited

Gómez‐Corrales, M, Prada, C. (2020). Cryptic lineages respond differently to coral bleaching. Mol. Ecol. 29: 4265-4273.

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