Wepfer et al. (2021) have now written a reply to Bonito et al. (2021)

You can access the reply here.

They accept that their work will need to be repeated using the approach outlined in Bonito et al. 2021 i.e. test all nominal species in the genus Galaxea using vouchered topotypes. Knowing where to look for topotypes will soon become much easier once Project Phoenix finish compiling a nomenclature for the hermatypic Scleractinia. Watch this space.

Published comment

Wepfer, P.H., Nakajima, Y., Sutthacheep, M., Radice, V.Z., Richards, Z., Ang, P., Terraneo, T., Fujimura, A., Toonen, R.J., Mikheyev, A.S., Mitarai, S., Economo, E.P., 2021. Inclusivity is key to progressing coral biodiversity research: Reply to comment by Bonito et al. 2021. Mol. Phylogen. Evol.

Literature cited

Bonito, V.E., Baird, A.H., Bridge, t., Cowman, P.F., Fenner, D., 2021. Type, topotypes and vouchers are the Key to Progress in Coral Taxonomy: Comment on Wepfer et al. 2020. Mol. Phylogen. Evol.

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